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CO₂ & Nutrition

Why CO₂?

A plant is made of 40% carbon and the easiest way for plants to replenish this carbon for optimum growth is by extracting it via carbon dioxide (CO₂) present in the water. So, for vigorous growth and lush green plants a good CO₂ supply is essential.

The AquaGro range provides a wide choice of high quality, easy to use CO₂ sets and accessories to suit your needs

Why Nutrients?

In an aquarium plants can absorb the nutrients they need through their roots, but also through their leaves. The AquaGro range supports this process: 

AquaGro NutraSoil – a specialised substrate to supply vital nutrients to plants’ roots 

AquaGro NutraFeed – a complete liquid plant food which adds nutrients (including fulvic acid) to the aquarium water, allowing them to be absorbed through the roots and leaves