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Light is a key component in photosynthesis, providing energy for plant growth. The correct lighting will also showcase your fish to their full potential. So, why choose LED lighting?

Benefits of LED Lighting

  • Energy savings - LEDs are incredibly efficient and therefore very cheap to run
  • No lamp changes – Our LEDs have a rated life span of 50,000 hours
  • A very direct source of light - no need to use wasteful reflectors
  • Low heat transfer to the water – avoiding temperature management issues in the summer months
  • Slim casing – LED units are slim and can fit into the hood of an aquarium, or a slim pendant or tank mounted fitting
  • Smooth spectrum – the light produced by LEDs is closer to natural sunlight than any other aquarium light source
  • Dappled light – Similar to the effect that you get when sunlight refracts and reflects through the water's surface. We call it the 'Shimmer Effect'. Why not give your fish and plants the closest thing possible to the light they would experience in the wild? Get the Shimmer Effect!

Why Choose GroBeam?

GroBeam lighting products are part of the AquaRay range. AquaRay allows you to create a truly beautiful aquarium by bringing out stunning colours in fish and plants alike, as well as allowing your plants to flourish. The overall look of the aquarium is as close to nature as you can get - with natural daylight colours as well as the shimmer effect it will be like having a small piece of the Amazon in your living room!

A wide range of mounting accessories are available to allow the lights to be fitted into a hood, suspended or tank mounted in just about any situation possible.

The units are also covered by a 5 year warranty* to give you extra peace of mind. Of course safety should be considered when dealing with electricity and water, but LEDs run on low voltage so even if they do get wet they're not going to electrocute you or your fish. AquaRay lights are all designed to have the power supply well away from the water and the lights themselves are waterproof (IP67), so there is no risk whatsoever.

*5 year warranty on lamp units. 1 year for power supply units