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Introducing AquaGro...

AquaGro is one of the latest TMC brands, focussing on the creation and ongoing support of stunning, healthy, planted aquariums and designed with the TMC ethos of quality and performance in mind.

To grow plants effectively you need to fertilise in 4 key ways:

  1. Provide nutrition to the roots from within the substrate
  2. Add light - a key component in photosynthesis, providing energy for growth
  3. Provide liquid plant food for uptake by the leaves
  4. Add CO2 - this is again taken up by the leaves and is used for energy generation via photosynthesis:

Carbon dioxide + water + light energy -> carbohydrate + oxygen

In addition to our existing range of AquaGro CO2 equipment and GroBeam solid state lighting, Tropical Marine Centre has recently launched two new products in our highly successful ‘AquaGro for Planted Aquaria’ range:

  • AquaGro NutraSoil is an attractive, complete substrate which means that it not only provides an anchor for the plants but also slowly provides vital nutrients to the plants' growing root structure.
  • AquaGro NutraFeed is a complete liquid plant food containing fulvic acid. This formulation is based on the very latest knowledge of aquatic plant cultivation. NutraFeed is absorbed by both the roots and leaves of plants.


“Really like the whole LED lighting range from TMC. Used it exclusively now for over two years with plants and hard corals.”

“NutraSoil is good soil. Grew Glosso carpet inside of two weeks. Recommended!”

“I have never had success with Glossostigma…until I started using NutraSoil and NutraFeed from TMC!”