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Tanks & Accessories

The AquaGro MicroHabitat 8 (8 litres) is perfect for small planted aquascapes and miniature ornamental freshwater shrimps such as bee shrimps and crystal shrimps. Two versions of the MicroHabitat 8 are available:

MicroHabitat 8

Supplied complete with:

  • Built-in filtration system
  • LED Light
  • Condensation lid
  • Micro thermometer

MicroHabitat 8 Advanced

As above, PLUS:

  • 1kg NutraSoil Complete Substrate
  • 2g Hikari Shrimp Cuisine
  • AquaGro Starter Kit (25ml plant food and 10ml water conditioner/dechlorinator)

For an even more advanced setup there are V²PowerPads available designed especially to fit your MicroHabitat 8 filtration system.