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AquaHabitat Accessories

To compliment the AquaHabitat range from the Tropical Marine Centre. The AquaHabitat range provides useful equipment for every aquarist marine or freshwater, beginner to advanced.


A range of innovative filtration pads which make controlling the many parameters of your aquarium easier to allow you more time to enjoy with less maintenance. Including Biological Filtration start up, Water Clarity Improvement, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphate reduction, Calcium and Magnesium addition and Activated Carbon. Simple to use and inexpensive to replace. For monthly use. These pads are especially designed to fit the Microhabitat 15 and 30 yet are usable in any aquarium. 

H2Air Air pumps

High performance air pumps with high quality components making them extremely efficient and quiet for long lasting continuous operation. Compact design. Simple to install and use. The air filters and diaphragms are also easily replaceable should the need to be later in its life.

H2 Therm Micro heaters

Slimline heaters measuring only 136mm x 22 x 15mm which means they can be discreetly and conveniently positioned in the smallest of micro or nano aquariums. Fully submersible and featuring a sensitive thermostat which is pre-set at 25 degrees Celsius. 1.8 meter cabling and have a reinforced plastic casing.

H2 Fill & Go Containers

Ideal for storing and transporting:-

  • Pre-mixed seawater for marine aquariums
  • RO water for Cichlids, Discus & Planted aquariums
  • Use with our Tropic Marin 5 litre Salt Shots
  • Top up emergency water

H2 Pure 25

A 3 stage compact and space saving Reverse Osmosis system incorporating high quailty components suitable to produce 25 US Gallons/95 litres per day for your daily aquarist needs. 

H2 Acclimation Kit

A simple yet professional drip acclimation kit providing the necessary components to gently acclimate new livestock properly to a home aquarium. Includes a Siphon starter, Water intake strainer, Plastic U bend, Water control valve, Micro thermometer, 2 meters of flexible tubing, Flexible tubing suction cup.