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Species suitable for MicroHabitat 30


  • Orchid pygmy basslet Pseudochromis fridmani
  • Indigo pygmy basslet Pseudochromis fridmani x springeri
  • Bluestreak pygmy basslet Pseudochromis springeri
  • Flashback pygmy basslet Pictichromis diadema
  • Strawberry pygmy basslet Pictichromis porphyreus
  • Yellow assessor Assessor flavissimus
  • Blue assessor Assessor macneilli
  • Barnacle blenny Acanthemblemaria macrospilus
  • Hi fin nano goby Discordipinna griessingeri
  • Catalina goby Lythrypnus dalli
  • Court jester goby Amblygobius rainfordi
  • Christmas goby Gobiosoma multifasciatum
  • Firecracker goby Trimma rubromaculatus
  • Panda nano goby Paragobiodon lacunicolus
  • Blue neon goby Elacatinus oceanops
  • Gold neon goby Elacatinus evelynae
  • Yellow goby Gobiodon okinawae
  • Green clown goby Gobiodon histrio
  • Midnight coral goby Gobiodon ceramensis
  • Hi fin checker hawkfish Plectranthias inermis
  • Hi fin banded goby Stonogobiops xanthorhinica
  • Hi fin clown goby Stonogobiops yashia
  • Bicolour blenny Escenius bicolor
  • Goldstreak blenny Escenius stigmatura
  • Pinstripe pyjama wrasse Pseudocheilinops ataenia
PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend keeping more than one fish per tank.


  • Porcelain anemone crab Neopetrolisthes ohshimai
  • Emerald mithrax crab Mithraculus sculptus
  • Sexy shrimp Thor amboinensis
  • Bumblebee shrimp Gnathophyllum americanum
  • Cleaner shrimp Lysmata amboinensis
  • Crystal shrimp Periclimenes spp.
  • Peppermint shrimp Lysmata wurdemanni
  • Boxer crab Lybia tesselata
  • Feather duster Sabellastarte spp.
  • Christmas tree worm Bispira spp.
  • Feather worm colony Bispira brunnea
  • Turbo snail Astrea tectum
  • Bumblebee snail Engina mendicaria
  • Orange marble snail Nassarius spp.
  • Rock red leg hermit crab Paguristes cadenati
  • Blue leg hermit crab Clibanarius tricolor
  • Common hermit crab Clibanarius spp.
  • Zebra hermit crab Calcinus laevimanus
  • Orange leg hermit crab Clibanarius spp.
  • Banded trochus snail Trochus histrio
  • Cerith snail Cerithium spp.
  • Money cowrie Cypraea moneta
  • Red starfish Fromia indica


The lighting in this tank is suitable for most coral species, except some of the deep water species that require a dimmer tank. A partial list of suitable species follows, but is not comprehensive. For more advice on coral care and husbandry, please consult your local marine livestock retailer.


  • Ricordea Ricordea yuma, Ricordea florida
  • Red mushroom Discosoma cardinalis
  • Watermelon stripe mushroom Discosoma striata 
  • Blue mushroom Actinodiscus spp.
  • Furry mushroom Rhodactis spp.


  • Star polyp Xenia spp. 
  • Button polyp Zoanthus spp.
  • Clove star polyp Clavularia spp.
  • Jasmin star polyp Cervera spp.
  • Feather star polyp Anthelia spp.

Soft coral 

  • Cabbage coral Sinularia dura
  • Toadstool coral Sarcophyton spp.
  • Prickly coral Dendronephthya spp.
  • White polyp finger coral Lobophytum spp.
  • Pussey coral Alcyonium spp.
(NB leather corals will grow more quickly than other types of coral and must be trimmed).

LPS hard coral 

  • Hammerhead, frogspawn, torch Euphyllia spp.
  • Plate coral Funghia spp. 
  • Duncan’s coral Duncanopsammia spp.
  • Organ pipe coral Tubipora spp.
  • Trumpet coral Caulastraea spp.

Fleshy hard coral 

  • Brain coral Trachyphyllia spp.
  • Chalice coral Echinophyllia spp.
  • Pineapple coral Favia spp.
  • War coral Favia spp. 
  • Spiny brain coral Symphyllia spp.
  • Acans coral Acanthastrea spp.
  • Lettuce coral Pectinia spp.

SPS hard coral 

  • Grass coral Pavona spp.
  • Plume rock coral  Porites spp.
PLEASE NOTE: ALL corals will eventually outgrow a tank of this size, and must be maintained and  ‘pruned’ as necessary.