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AquaBeam 600 LED Strips

The five high power Cree LEDs used in the 12W AquaBeam 600 strips throw enough light into your aquarium to rival 2 x 24W TC-L fluorescent lamps and their 90 degree beam angle ensures the maximum amount of light enters the water column without sacrificing the spread of light. Waterproofed to IP67 these units are also covered under Tropical Marine Centre's 5 year guarantee*. They are compact and light weight at just 490x45x35mm and 280g. Each unit is supplied with a fixing kit allowing them to be fixed to a surface (i.e. inside a hood), but they are also fully compatible with the AquaRay MMS range of mounting accessories.  

The strips are also compatible with the range of AquaRay controllers that are available to enable you to time and dim your lighting systems.

This unit can be bought in a single or duo pack and is available in five different colours: 

  • Marine White - 5 x 14,000K Marine White Cree XR-E LEDs
  • Reef White - 3 x 14,000K Marine White Cree XR-E LEDs and 2 x 50,000K+ Reef Blue Cree XR-E LEDs
  • Marine Blue - 2 x 14,000K Marine White Cree XR-E LEDs and 3 x 50,000K+ Reef Blue Cree XR-E LEDs
  • Reef Blue - 5 x 50,000K+ Reef Blue Cree XR-E LEDs
  • Fiji Blue - 5 x Royal Blue Cree XP-E LEDs

*1 year for the power supply.


The AquaBeam 600 strips can be uses on their own as a sole lighting source or as part of a larger lighting set up with other products. The light output is more than capable of sustaining soft coral reefs and can even be used for some more hardy LPS (Large Polyp Stony) corals. Colour choice is very much dependent on your own tastes; however generally a 60/40 split between Marine White and Reef Blue LEDs is used. The actinic properties of the Reef Blue LEDs mean that your corals will fluoresce like never before and so the Reef Blue AquaBeam 600 makes for a fantastic moonlight as well as being used alongside your daytime lighting. Fiji Blue gives high fluorescence but with a darker coloured light. This creates a high contrast between the fluorescing corals and the rest of the aquascape. For the best coral fluorescing effect use the Fiji Blue and Reef Blue alongside each other. We even sell them in a combo pack to make this easier for you!

If you need more help choosing the right lighting, then please refer to our user guide. Any further help can be obtained by contacting our friendly customer service team

Which ever way you use the AquaBeam 600 strip we are certain that you will be happy with the results.