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TMC to launch new style Pro Clear UV Pond Clarifier

January 28, 2013


Release date: 22nd January 2013

TMC to launch new style Pro Clear UV Pond Clarifier

TMC first introduced its range of UV pond clarifiers in the late 1980s and quickly became market leader in this field with the Pond Clear range.  In 1996 TMC launched its Pro Clear Advantage professional UV clarifier, designed especially for larger ponds, and this was soon the UV clarifier of choice for Koi keepers due to its build quality, reliability and effectiveness in keeping pond water sparklingly clear.


The Pro Clear Advantage has continued to maintain its popularity ever since as shown by the fact that it has won Koi Magazine’s “Best UV Unit” Award for the last three years running!

As the Pro Clear Advantage was so effective, reliable and popular, thinking how to improve the unit was quite a tough challenge for TMC but that is exactly what they have managed to achieve with the Pro Clear Ultra 55 which is due to be launched in March.

The Pro Clear Ultra 55, suitable for ponds up to approximately 45,000 litres, has a new ergonomic casing, which improves water shedding, and all wires are now enclosed making it more discreet and sleek.

The new style end sections make it easier to see if the UV lamp is working and also makes lamp changes much simpler.

In spite of these improvements, the Pro Clear Ultra 55 still incorporates the tried and tested electrics that have made it so popular for the last 17 years, so users can be assured that these units will be just as reliable and effective as the previous model and will now come with a 24month guarantee for added peace of mind.

The current style Pro Clear Advantage UV30, for ponds up to approximately 27,000 litres will continue to be sold alongside the Pro Clear Ultra 55.