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First Class
Rest and Relaxation
From the moment TMC livestock is
collected (with all fish being
individually net caught), everything
possible is done to ensure the
optimum health and welfare of the
livestock and to minimise stress.
Livestock is held near to the catching area in well
designed and carefully managed holding facilities,
often using filtration systems supplied by TMC. This
local attention to detail, combined with careful
packing and transportation procedures, ensures
that, even after a long flight, livestock arrives in the
UK in the very best condition.
Upon arrival at TMC, this high standard of care
continues, with livestock carefully unpacked under
red light by our expert fish house staff and gently
acclimatised into TMC’s holding systems supplied
with Tropic Marin synthetic seawater. The livestock is
then rested for as long as is necessary to ensure that
when it is ready for sale it is fully acclimatised, in
optimum health and readily adapts to your
aquarium environment.
First Class
All of TMC's facilities have state of
the art filtration systems
incorporating large scale protein
skimmers, commercial UV systems,
ozone and high quality mechanical
and biological filtration systems.
There is huge, on-going investment in these
systems, ensuring the very best environment for
our livestock at all times.
All TMC fish houses incorporate varying sizes of
aquariums. This means that aggressive fish species
can be kept separately and larger aquariums can be
used for community or shoaling species. In
addition, all aquariums have their own unique
supply of filtered and UV-treated water ensuring all
fish constantly receive optimum water quality. Our
invert systems operate on the same principles,
allowing us to hold anything from the smallest
critter to the most delicate coral.
Dedicated staff, on-call 24 hours a day, ensure that
livestock is cared for around the clock, and all parts
of the recirculation system are alarmed so if any
equipment fails action can be taken immediately to
ensure no stress or harm to livestock.
First Class
Whilst in TMC's fish holding
facilities all livestock is fed on
Gamma Frozen Food which is made
from only the highest quality
As this food contains 100% natural products that
are readily identified by the fish, they respond well
to it and will eat it with all the vigour normally
associated with live food.
Some Gamma Foods are soaked in Gamma
Nutraplus, Tropic Marin Immuvit or Tropic Marin
Lipovit to further enhance the nutritional content,
and Gamma Dry Seaweed is also fed as a supplement
for our herbivores.
Expert TMC staff ensure feeding takes place as many
times as possible during the day, to try to replicate
the constant grazing many marine fish are used to
when on the reef, thereby minimising stress for the
This strict feeding regime, using only the highest
quality feeds, means fish will be eating well and in
optimum health before reaching your aquarium.
Tropical Marine Centre
Our fourTMC sites
incorporate state-of-the-art filtration
systems, and expert staff are always on
hand, ensuring the best environment for
livestock at all times.
Our aim is to offer our customers the widest
variety of livestock available and an
unsurpassed fish selection
To ensure hobbyists can buy with confidence, all TMC fish and inverts are now supplied to retailers
with their own unique identification label for display on in-store tanks.