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Glassware ... Clear Simplicity
Glassware is the ultimate in discreet hardware,
simply blending into its surroundings.
Product shown: 2902
Limnophila aromatica is a
stunning plant that derives
from Southeast Asia and is also
found in other regions around
the world, especially North
L. aromatica is a stem plant
that is happy in many
aquariums with varying
amounts of light and nutrients
but its number one
requirement is good CO2.This
plant will not grow to its full
potential without a great deal
of carbon. If supplied with CO2
you will be rewarded with a
beautifully textured and
colourful plant that will fast
become the centerpiece of
your aquarium.
High quality, professional grade glass products.
Compact, aesthetic design makes the products ideal for
incorporating in all sizes of planted aquariums including
the smallest nano tanks.
Suitable for use with all CO
Glassware is very popular with
today’s aquascapers. The focal point
of any planted tank should be the
fish, plants and decor, not the
equipment. Glassware helps to
minimise the visual impact of
equipment in the aquarium.
It needs to be cleaned regularly and
should be handled with care to
avoid breakages. Filter inlets, outlets,
diffusers and bubble counters
are items that are commonly made
from glass.
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