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Water Softeners
Aquatic plants prefer soft water. This simple, effective and discreet unit
softens your water without the need for expensive water treatments.
The softer the aquarium water the easier it is for plants to absorb vital nutrients and
carbon from the water and this, in turn, results in faster growth and healthier plants.
Our recommended method of water softening is to allow water from your external filter
to pass through the glass water softener (which contains de-ionising resin) before
returning to the aquarium.
The amount that water is softened is dependent upon the starting “hardness” of your
tap water. The de-ionising resin is “rechargeable” by simply placing it in some salt water
Scissors are an aquascaper’s best
weapon. Keeping plants trimmed and
in shape is integral to keeping your
planted tank looking good.
When trimming stem plants, make the
cut at the leaf’s node, where the
leaves grow from the stem. By doing
so, the plant should grow two more
plantlets from where the cut was
made and in turn, this will give your
stems a nice, bushy appearance.
Code Tank Size
Approx. Size
Approx. Resin
(height x width)
up to approx.100L
200mm x 55mm
up to approx. 200L
260mm x 60mm
up to approx. 400L
265mm x 135mm
Water Softener Large
Code: 2924
Water Softener Medium
Code: 2923
Water Softener Small
Code: 2922
Glass T-Piece
12 x 12 x 4mm = code: 2896
16 x 16 x 4mm = code: 2897
19 x 19 x 4mm = code: 2898
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