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Setting up a Planted Tank
The empty tank is placed in a
suitable position. Due to the size
and low weight of this nano tank it
can be positioned in a wider variety
of places than most conventional
aquariums. Place away from direct
sunlight and out of the reach of
small children.
Add a thick layer of AquaGro
NutraSoil substrate, sloped slightly
towards the back.This substrate
releases nitrogen in the initial weeks
after set-up, so test for ammonia
and nitrite prior to adding livestock.
Nutrasoil does not need to be rinsed
before use.
Next add wood.The wood is pre-
soaked to prevent it from floating or
staining the water. The selected
piece protrudes from the water line
and adds an extra dimension to the
aquascape. If your wood is smaller,
and fits inside the tank, you can use
the clear cover supplied.
Staurogyne repens
is added to the
midground.This new plant is ideal for
small aquaria as it remains compact.
Regular pruning will encourage bushy
growth and regular feeding with
AquaGro NutraFeed will ensure
nutrient deficiencies are prevented.
Pogostemon helferi
is planted in the
foreground.You’ll definitely need
tweezers for this as it’s fiddly work!
Regular pruning ensures it remains
low to the substrate. If it turns
yellow, add some Nutrafeed to
provide nutrients.
A few more stems of
are added between the
and wood to create a
better transition. Such transitions
and space between elements are
important in aquascaping to help
attain a more pleasant and natural
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