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Water is slowly added via an air line
to minimise clouding.The water
should just cover the substrate as
this allows easy planting using
tweezers.The substrate grain size is
ideal for all plants, even those with
delicate root structures.
Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘green’
is added
to the background with tweezers.
This easy plant makes an ideal
background in a small aquarium,
usually growing no more than
15cm/6”. A nutrient-rich substrate
will ensure healthy growth, even in
low light.
The aquarium is topped up with
water using an air line until half full.
The remainder is filled slowly via a
bucket into the rear filter chamber.
Take care when filling to help
prevent cloudy water and avoid
plants being dislodged.
The light unit is installed via the
clamp on the outer aquarium wall.
The filter is switched on, ensuring
the outlet nozzle is directed to
ensure all-over circulation. Use a
timer to turn the lights on for
around eight hours a day.
Cryptocorynes are fantastic low-
maintenance plants which grow
slowly and do well in low light or
shaded areas.
When grown in an open space the
leaves of Cryptocoryne wendtii
‘green’ will virtually lie on the
bottom. Like most other Sri Lankan
Cryptocoryne, it also grows well in
hard water. It is an ideal background
plant for small tanks.
Pruning off the leaves at the rhizome
near the substrate will generate new
leaf growth.
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