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Pogostemon helferi, or Downoi as it is
affectionately known, is a relative
newcomer to the hobby.
Unlike most aquatic plants, this species
was actually discovered by aquarists in
Thailand. TheThai name “dao noi”
simply means “little star” and is so-
named due to its shape.
This species is a great foreground
plant that does not require as much
effort as many other foreground
species. As with all aquarium plants,
the addition of CO
, light and
fertilisers is beneficial but this
particular plant will do well in tanks
which has lower levels of these three
components. It will however, benefit
greatly from a nutrient-rich substrate.
High quality cabinets designed to
complement the latest sleek
lifestyle aquariums.
Stylish yet simple design,
manufactured from high quality
materials which offer strength as
well as resilience to water and
Sleek single door design allows for
storage of all accessories or even
installation of a sump.
No handles and a soft close door
ensure a sleek, minimalist finish to
the cabinet.
Available in carbon grey, charcoal black and glacier
white. Other colours and sizes available on
Available sizes:-
450 (l) x 450 (w) x 750mm (h)
Carbon Grey = code: 3030
Charcoal Black = code: 3032
Glacier White = code: 3034
600 (l) x 450 (w) x 750mm (h)
Carbon Grey = code: 3031
Charcoal Black = code: 3033
Glacier White = code: 3035
Carbon Grey
Glacier White
Aquarium Cabinets
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