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Nutrients in the Aquarium
The main purpose of a substrate in the planted aquarium is to provide an anchor
and food source for plant roots but it is also very important from an aesthetic
perspective.The advantage of a complete substrate like AquaGro NutraSoil is
that it looks great as well as providing optimum nutrients to the plant roots.
Nutrients are the food that a plant needs to survive and grow healthily. Nutrients
can be gathered via the plant roots or leaves. Complete substrates like NutraSoil
slowly provide vital nutrients that the plant uses via their growing root structure.
The soft, small grain allows the roots to penetrate easily and all the plants’ energy
can therefore go into stem and leaf growth. Conversely, inert sand or gravels do
not have these capabilities and, whilst doing a great job of anchoring your plants
to the bottom of the aquarium, they will offer very little benefit in terms of plant
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