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Decor in the Aquarium
Aquarium decor, also known as hardscape, will often form the backbone of an
effective aquascape.
It is vital to choose the right type and quantity to suit the size and style of the
aquarium you wish to set up. Use lessons from nature to guide you in your
selection and positioning of hardscape.
Avoid using too many different materials. Sticking to one type of wood and rock
is usually the best idea. Take plenty time to position the hardscape prior to
planting and filling with aquarium water. Do not be afraid to experiment but
equally feel free to use other people’s hardscape designs as inspiration.
Attaching plants, such as Java fern, Anubias and mosses, to your hardscape is a
popular way of creating a mature appearance from the outset.
Consider how the hardscape may alter your water chemistry. For example some
rocks will contain limestone that will increase pH and hardness.
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