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Planted aquariums require slightly more
time than your average freshwater
aquarium and this time is generally
consumed by the trimming of your
plants.Weekly water changes are highly
recommended but we would
recommend this as good fish husbandry
anyway, regardless of the plants. Plants
will benefit from the fresh water just like
your fish will. Healthy plant growth will
actually remove the nitrates, phosphates,
ammonia and other contaminants that
can be harmful to your fish so good
husbandry will benefit the entire
Just like your fish, your plants need food.
Feeding your plants daily at the same
time as you feed your fish takes up little
extra time and will create a more stable
environment for your plants.
Taking the time to research the basics of
how plants grow is invaluable to the
enthusiast. Many failings and algae attacks
are simply due to a lack of basic
understanding of what a planted
aquarium needs. All of the basics can be
found in this booklet and there is a
wealth of other information out there.
Dozens of books have been specifically
written for the green-fingered aquarist
whilst the internet is full of advice from
some of the most respected names in
the aquarium hobby. There is also a small
number of printed, monthly publications
that have some great information inside.
There is no hard and fast way to keep
plants but there are plenty of different
methods and guidelines, so you just need
to find the right one to fit your lifestyle.
When equipment fails, the knock-on
effects can be disastrous, but many
problems are avoidable.
Although tank maintenance is generally
part of the average aquarist’s routine,
equipment maintenance is rarely carried
out. A broken filter impeller can quickly
cause major issues and can go
undetected for quite some time without
regular maintenance.We would
recommend checking and cleaning your
filter and its components every month.
A leaky seal on a CO
regulator can
quickly cause algae and waste a lot of
money and CO
so we recommend
checking these seals as often as possible.
Lighting for our tank can be expensive so
we should ensure we get our money’s
worth.The main waste of light (and
ultimately energy) is a dirty reflector or
lens cover. A wipe over every week
whilst the light is off will ensure the
longest life for your lighting.
Reliable lighting, good filtration and
consistent CO
should pave the way to
an extremely successful planted
Planted aquariums can be some of the most stunning
displays of art available. Given the right amount of time,
some good research and the right equipment, this type
of art is easily achievable in our homes.
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