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This is the single most important element in plant growth.
For a plant to grow it needs to photosynthesise and to
photosynthesise it needs light.
Photosynthesis in the aquatic environment is the
transformation of CO
and water into a usable energy
called glucose with oxygen as a by-product. Without
enough light, plants will simply not photosynthesise and
therefore will not grow.
The colour temperature of a light is measured in degrees
Kelvin (K). A typical tungsten light bulb is around 2700K
to 3000K. A white light designed for a marine aquarium
is around 9000K to 14000K. Plants will adapt to most
colour temperatures but they generally respond well to
6500K with its good balance of red and blue light. The
green peaks in the spectrum make the plants appear
greener to the human eye, making the aquarium look
more lush and natural.
Lighting in the Aquarium
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