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George Farmer says ...
I have had success growing any chosen species of aquatic
plant under AquaRay LED lighting. My favourite unit is the
AquaBeam 1000ND which has grown the most demanding
carpeting plants. The controllers are perfect for ramping
up and down the intensity and ensure the fish in my
open-topped aquariums aren’t startled.The
glitter lines look great and enhance
any aquascape.
Solid State Lighting Strip
Compact, 12w lighting strip.
Uses Natural Daylight Cree
XP-E Compact PowerLEDs*
specified at 6500K, making this light perfect for planted tanks
and tropical aquariums.
Incorporates a wide-angle beam which allows the light unit
to be mounted close to the aquarium surface for optimum
and even light distribution.
5 year guarantee.
GroBeam 500 single
Code: 1803
GroBeam 500 twin
Code: 1810
* Cree and the Cree logo are registered trademarks of Cree, inc.
** 5 year guarantee on lamp unit. 1 year guarantee on power supply.
All AquaRay light units create a beautiful and natural effect
in your tank and offer up to 50,000 hours lamp life as well as very low
running costs, a very low carbon footprint and NO mercury.
They are suitable for use with AquaRay Digital Controllers and are
compatible with the MMS Modular Mounting System allowing you to
mount and combine different AquaRay lighting units and arrange them
in any way you require, ensuring your tank is always shown at its best.
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