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The AquaRay LED Lighting System has been
designed with reliability, efficiency and
affordability in mind and comes with an
unrivalled 5 year guarantee on the
AquaBeam strips and tiles.
Tropical Marine Centre has
worked closely with LED
manufacturers since 2007 to
ensure that its AquaRay
lighting is effectively cooled
without the need for fans,
which can be noisy and
will fail in time.
The LEDs are run at their
optimal drive current,
which means that the
highest lumens per watt
ratio is achieved.
AquaRay only uses high quality
branded components such as
, Osram and Samsung and
these components are encased in a rugged,
waterproof housing to ensure a top level of
protection from everyday use over an
The modular design of the AquaRay system
allows you to simply buy the right amount of
lighting for your aquarium meaning a cheaper
entry point and a system that can grow as
you move onto larger setups. All the units
create a fantastic “shimmer” effect and
produce realistic colours and controllers are
available separately.
Unfor tunately some LED luminaire
manufacturers use unbranded components,
forced cooling via a fan and overpowered
units. On top of this the guarantees they
offer are usually no more than a year so
what happens if a fan fails and the LEDs
overheat? And what if there is a component
failure outside of the guarantee period? In
fact, why even bother to use LED technology
if you’re not saving energy?
4 Why choose AquaRay?
Not all LED lighting is the same. LED can have high energy
costs if you choose a large fitting with lots of power.They
can also be inefficient due to simply running the LEDs as
hard as possible. Most impor tantly they can be unreliable
if not designed properly
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