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Needless to say, you don’t have to worry about
any of this with AquaRay.
What’s more, there is a huge range of mounting
options available within the range, using the
clever AquaRay MMS Modular Mounting System.
This is based around an aluminium rail that
actually improves the heat sinking and therefore
the unit’s overall performance.
AquaRay can even be installed inside a hood
due to the waterproof construction of the
lighting units.
If you are looking for a high quality lighting
system backed up by a high level of suppor t
and the longest guarantee in the industry, it
really is a no-brainer!
This is why AquaRay has won “Marine Product
of theYear” in Practical Fishkeeping Magazine’s
Readers’ Poll for FIVE years running.
Think longer-term
when buying your
aquarium lighting. Is
there a possibility
you’ll need more
light in the future,
and if so is your
proposed set up
Why choose AquaRay?