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This colour range means we can now
provide a lighting solution that both
closely matches the natural
environment of the fish, corals, plants
and other animals we collect, as well
as highlighting their par ticular
colours and features.
Many manufacturers have failed to
take advantage of the range of
choice available to them. By building
large, single-unit luminaires with large
quantities of individual diodes, they fail
to maximise the flexibility that the
technology offers.
From the very beginning of the AquaRay story, we
recognised that this flexibility was a key benefit of
the technology. By providing an extensive range
of small, modular units, each made up of different
types and colours of diodes, we bring a unique
solution - the ability to combine any product from
the range into a single, customised array, scalable
to fit over small or large aquaria, and suitable for
any biotope, from planted freshwater through to
the most demanding full-reef marine display.
Passively cooled and compact, our modular units
can easily be installed in most standard aquarium
hoods, mounted and suspended using our own,
purpose-built MMS Modular Mounting System, or
otherwise integrated using a growing number of
different fittings.
5 Your tailor-made
One of the great features of LED technology is the
wide range of different coloured diodes that are
now available