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AquaRay Control
There is a constantly evolving range of controllers for the AquaRay
range that use PWM technology to time and dim the LEDs to create
sunset, sunrise, daylight and moonlight effects.These are available in 2
channel versions to control 2 strips/mini tiles/combination or 1 tile,
and also 8 channels to control 8 strips/minitiles/combination or 4 tiles,
or a combination of strips/minitiles/tiles.
All easily programmable via a simple user interface and using a real
time clock for accurate timing, these units all have an internal power
supply to ensure that your settings are not lost in the event of a
power outage.
Controllers that simulate lightning, cloud cover and moon phases are
also available.
Coming Soon!
AquaRay MMS Lighting Hood
This hood assembly works as par t of the MMS range to allow lights to be
fitted into a hood that can then be suspended, or tank mounted. Although not
essential, it gives your array of lights that neat single luminaire look. Dimensions
– 550mm x 410mm x 68mm
When installing in a
hood it is best to
ensure good ventilation.
This will minimise heat
build-up and prolong
the life of your LEDs.
Available in UK, EU, US
and AUS versions
Your tailor-made solution