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MMS AquaRail Fixing Bracket
Supplied with fixing kit for installation in aquarium
hood as required.
AquaRay MMS Lighting Hood
Supplied with MMS rail, this can be suspended
or mounted to the rim of the aquarium.
Can be fitted with various combinations of
AquaRay lights as required.
Suitable for aquaria from approx. (600 x
600mm to 900 x 600mm (2’ x 2’ to 3’ by 2’)
Modular Mounting Frame
Self-assembly frame which can be suspended
using a suspension kit, or installed within an
aquarium hood.
Mounting Options
Inspect and
clean your AquaRay units
regularly - this will ensure
that the quality of the
light is not impeded by
salt and other deposits
on the lens, that the heat
sink is not obscured and
will also reduce the
long-term, potentially
damaging, effects of salt
and moisture to the
casing seal and internal
electronic components
You will need:
1 x MMS Crosslink Bar (pair)
3 or 4 x MMS rail (available in various
lengths which can be trimmed to size –
see p.24)
Pair of MMS end-caps for each rail
Selected AquaRay lighting units