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The AquaRay range is designed with the
future in mind.
Wherever possible, new products will
always be retro-compatible with your
existing set up. Although the LED
industry moves extremely quickly, your
lights and controllers will work together
whether they are old or new.
In this way you can easily upgrade your
lighting gradually, or perhaps continue to
use your old kit with a newer controller.
LED is a very fast-paced, exciting
technology and Tropical Marine Centre
thrives on research and development.
We have been involved with LED lighting
since its introduction to the hobby in
2007 and we constantly look for new
lighting technologies that could perhaps
be adapted for aquarium use.
When they appear, our aim is to make
them accessible to the hobby with high
quality products at affordable prices.
Because of this philosophy, AquaRay
lighting is now one of the world's most-
established and popular aquarium LED
lighting brands and we look forward to
bringing many more new products to
you in the future.
7 Research &
The future