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Having had the opportunity to undertake several
product reviews of the TMC AquaRay range and
undertaking extensive PAR analyses I was impressed
that they matched or even exceeded the output of
more traditional T5 and metal halide lighting solutions.
Not only can these products supply the lighting
requirements of even the most light demanding corals,
they produce negligible heat transfer to the aquarium
which in itself can be a massive cost saving!
This combined with the modular nature of the
products which can expand as your aquarium grows
means that these are truly one of the best lighting
products available in the hobby.
Levi Major - Freelance AquaticWriter
I get a lot of LED lights in for review at Practical
Fishkeeping but few live up to what should have been
the core values of LED - low energy, low heat, high
output, safe, silent, versatile, waterproof lighting.
The TMC AquaRay range is all of the above and is even
assembled here in the UK. They do genuine R&D in an
economic climate when many just buy wholesale from
China, and work with some leading scientific institutions,
as well as continually getting feedback from consumers
and retailers, and in turn tweaking the range accordingly.
PFK readers love them, and I've used and
recommended them extensively,
both for fresh and salt water.
Jeremy Gay - Editor, Practical Fishkeeping Magazine
We are currently using AquaBeam 600 strips and
AquaBeam 1000 tiles in all our small to medium size
tanks.These lights have been a revelation, totally
transforming every one of these displays - animals
that previously looked drab and uninteresting are
now alive with colour! The lights are incredibly easy
to install and use, with a wealth of different settings
and the electricity savings have been incredible
Matt Davidson - Aquarist,Anglesey Sea Zoo
The ColourPlus tiles are a proven
performer in terms of plant growth, with
their RGB LEDs making the colours of
fish and plants really pop.
George Farmer - Planted Tank Expert