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Colour rendition
The colour of light used is critical if you want
your aquarium to look its best. Reds will wash
out under only blue light and similarly blues will
not look good under red light. It is impor tant to
choose a light that picks out the colours that
you want to show off. If you want luscious
green-looking plants in your aquarium then a
warmer white light will work well (see Colour
Temperature overleaf).
Lighting effects
Although spread is impor tant, light and dark
can be used in an aquarium to achieve
dramatic effects.Think about varying light levels
throughout your aquascape. Perhaps use a
spotlight to highlight your favourite coral
specimen. Or directed light to cast shadows in
your planted tank. Remember you are making
a display so think of it as lighting a stage!
Always check the
lighting requirements
of the animals you
are keeping.
Some need lots of
light to survive,
whilst others prefer
shaded spots.
What to consider when choosing your aquarium lights