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Pressurised Recirculation Filtration Packages
The following filtration packages offer effective mechanical and biological filtration
combined with UV sterilisation for applications where installation requirements mean that a
pressurised system is favoured.All systems are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater applications,
and are recommended for displays or holding systems with low stocking densities.
Packages include the following equipment, size matched for compatibility and easy selection:-
ITT Argonaut Self Priming Pump
Lacron Pressurised Sand Filter
Lacron Sand Filter Multi-Port Valve
Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter
Replacement Baker-Hydro Element Set
TMC Commercial UV Steriliser
Pipework, fittings and filter media for sand filter are not included as these will vary from installation to
Code Grp Product
Max.System Included Included
Included Approx. Approx.
Volume (l) Pump (hp) Sand Filter Multi-Port Cartridge Replacement TMCUV Total Shipping
Element Steriliser Current Weight
Draw (A) (kg)
7972 FI TMC Pressurised Filtration
3 / 4
24" (7153) 11 / 2" (7155) 75 sq.ft (6997) 75 sq.ft (6984) P4 – 220W 4.2 On applic
Package 2000
Sand Filter
Cartridge Filter
Livestock Tank
Ring Main
UV By-pass
UV Steriliser
Supply Pump
Please remember to order metric adaptors if connecting to Euro pipework
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