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13 Commercial Catalogue
Tel: +44 (0) 1923 284151
Recommended Bio-Mass per Basket
Total Stocking Density
15 kg
90 kg
Pacific Oysters
125 Oysters
750 Oysters
Native Oysters
125 Oysters
750 Oysters
21 kg
126 kg
15 kg
30 kg
Depuration Systems
TMC Depuration Unit
This unit is based on the Seafish
standard design for a small-scale
shallow tank depuration system and
was designed for the purification and
holding of molluscs, based on trials at
a number of commercial purification
centres around the UK.
The unit consists of a robust, food
grade container, with its double
walled foam filled (HDPE)
construction offering excellent
insulative properties.The container
also boasts a drainage port with
sump in each of the corners, allowing
complete and easy draining.This,
combined with the smooth internal
corners, means that the container is
very low maintenance and easy to
The unit can be filled via the UV
steriliser using the multi-stage hosetail.
The Eheim pump is 100% waterproof, and can supply a water flow rate of up to 30 litres per minute.The water flow
is easily adjusted using a ball valve and the flow meter. Conventional purification units utilise a single UV steriliser,
whereas the TMC unit incorporates a twin 25W splashproof unit.This double pass steriliser guarantees an effective
dose rate.The design of the lamp end caps allows the user to see at a glance if both lamps are still operating.
The container can hold 6 stackable baskets, with open mesh sides and bottoms allowing excellent water flow
characteristics (not supplied).
Code Grp
Approx Shipping
(l xwx hmm) Weight (kg)
TMC Depuration Unit
1375 x 1120 x 750 60
Taken from Seafish Standard Design Purification Systems (1995) Ref: 95/34/FT-V1,
Figures based on using the Allibert 41042 container.
Recommended Bio-Mass per Basket
Total Stocking Density
The TMC Depuration Unit has been designed for small-scale depuration. However, for larger scale requirements
we can design bespoke systems. Please contact us for further details.