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TMC Rock Curing System
Live rock for use in aquariums is either harvested or aquacultured abroad, before being processed and
shipped out of water into the UK. During these stages, there will inevitably be die-off of some of the
living organisms associated with the live rock.
In order to regenerate the live rock, it needs to go through a curing process before being put on
display for resale.The TMC Rock Curing System has been designed to offer excellent water movement
through the rock, and the V
Skim Protein Skimmer will ensure optimum water quality. Its space efficient
design means that it can be easily accommodated in even the smallest of retail outlets, as well as being a
show case for the newV
Skim! The TMC Rock Curing System incorporates:-
• Rio 3100 Circulation Pump.
• V
Skim 1200 Protein Skimmer, including water supply/venturi pump.
• 250 litre Pallet Bin Reservoir, with 1” drainage port.
• Fully submerged ring main, allowing for excellent upwelling water movement through the live rock.
• Egg grate.
Code Grp Product
Volume Dimensions
Total Current Outlet Size
Approx Shipping
L X B x Dmm
Draw (A)
Weight (vol/kg)
7883 FI TMC Rock Curing Bin
1005 x 650 x 645*
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