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FSI X100 Cartridge/Bag Filter Housing
The FSI X100 is an excellent, low cost filter housing and its design means
that it is highly adaptable, offering the choice of using either a bag filter or a
cartridge filter in the same unit It offers filtration to as little as 1 micron and
includes the housing, corrosion-proof legs, an adapter plate and a comprehensive
manual, with optional pressure gauges also available.The unit is manufactured
entirely from polypropylene with a UV inhibitor for all weather durability, and
has a 2” NPT inlet and outlet.
XO1 Filter Bag
Measuring 6” in diameter by 20”
long the X01 Filter Bag has a
surface area of 0.186 m
. The
X01 is fitted with the patented
Polyloc Ring which seals directly
against the wall of the filter
housing and eliminates the
chance of fluid by-pass.
A heavy duty Polypropylene
Strainer Basket supports the X01.
X20 Filter Cartridge
Code Grp
Cartridge Grade (micron)
FSI X100 Filter housing
1604-1608 FW
FSI X01 Bag filters
1, 5, 10, 25, 50
1610-1614 FW
FSI X20 Polyseal Cartridge filters
1, 5, 10, 25, 50
Low Differential Pressure Gauge
0.4-0.55 bar (6-8 psi)
High Differential Pressure Gauge
1.0-1.38 bar (15-20 psi)
Cartridge Filter Pressure Gauge
0-4 bar (0-60 psi)
The X20 Polyseal Cartridge is a steep pore gradient
depth filter designed to have a large dirt loading
capacity. The X20 measures 5.5” in diameter and
23.25” long, yielding a total cartridge volume of
500 in
In laboratory tests, the X20 has out-
performed standard 10” cartridges by holding 20
times the volume of dirt.
The design of the X20 Polyseal Cartridge features a single
open end that directs fluid from outside the cartridge in through
the filter.A built-in handle on the cartridge top assists in seating and removing
the X20.The cartridge bottom is equipped with FSI’s patented Polyseal End
Fitting to ensure a by-pass free sealing without the need for double o-rings or
flat gaskets. Fitting securely into the cartridge plate, the X20 does not require
springs, hold-down plates or centre posts.
Maximum recommended flow rate is 10-12 m
/hr (160-200 l/min) for both cartridge
and bag filters. Maximum pressure is 6.9 bar (100 psi).