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Pressurised Sand Filters
Pressurised sand filters work by forcing water
at pressure through a bed of carefully graded
media that collects any dirt and solids
present in the water. Sand filters are a
versatile addition to a range of aquaculture,
aquarium and pond applications as they can
be used in conjunction with a variety of
media, providing either mechanical or
biological filtration or both.
Flow Rates
Flow rates through pressurised sand filters depend on a combination of factors, including the type
of application, type of media and particulate loading:-
Lacron High Pressure Sand Filters
Lacron filters have been designed with performance and
durability in mind. The main tank is made from tough,
glass-reinforced polyester suitable for use in saltwater and
freshwater. The smooth internal surface help to prevent clogging
and maintains efficient water flow through the unit. The reliable
multi-port valve (sold separately) is easy to use and side-mounted to
enable easy maintenance of the sand filter interior without
disturbing connecting pipework. The large, clear lid provides a view
into the sand filter so that water flow and backwashing can be
observed. A pressure gauge (sold separately) can be fitted to the
sand filter to indicate when it is time to clean or backwash the unit.
Multi-port Valves
Multi-port valves provide a simple method for easily backwashing and
rinsing pressurised sand filters. Although it is possible to operate a sand
filter without one, they are generally considered an essential accessory.
Automatic multi-port valves are available that mechanise the backwashing and
rinsing process, making the sand filter almost maintenance free.The opening
and closing of the valve is motorised and controlled by a programmable timer
which can be set to the times and duration of your choice. The automatic
multi-port valve will even take care of switching the pump on and off during backwashes.
The maximum pressure rating for Lacron high pressure sand filters is 3.1 bar (45 psi).
High particulate loading and biological filtration 15m
of cross-sectional filter area
Medium particulate loading
of cross-sectional filter area
Low particulate loading
of cross-sectional filter area
Under certain circumstances, hard water or high pH can cause calcification in the sand filter, causing
the sand to solidify and reducing the efficiency of the sand filter. Regular backwashing can avoid this.
We recommend periodic manual inspection of the sand filter interior and stirring-up the media inside
to ensure continuous peak performance.
Technical Fact
Recommended Application
Size (code)
AFM Media Medium (5161) Mechanical filtration
only.Very fine filtration
with small particle sizes
Oolitic Sand #1 Oolitic Sand Mechanical & biological
filtration. Suitable for
marine & high pH systems
Media Recommended Application
Size (code)
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