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Introduction toTropical Marine Centre
Tropical Marine Centre has been Europe’s leading
supplier of quality marine fish and invertebrates to the
ornamental trade since 1970 and operates four large,
fully re-circulated aquarium based facilities,TMC London,
TMC Manchester,TMC Bristol and TMC Hatchery, with
a combined volume of over 450,000 litres.
In 2003 TMC became one of the first
companies in Europe to be MAC
certified, underlining the company’s
excellence in the transport, handling
and husbandry of marine fish.We
continue to work closely with our suppliers to promote
MAC certification, and increase the supply of MAC
certified animals into the UK.
TMC also distributes a wide range of leading brand aquatic products and accessories, and since the
early 1970s has manufactured UV sterilisers and clarifiers for both hobby and commercial applications.
In 1994 the Company established the first commercial hatchery for tropical marine fish in Europe,
based entirely on a synthetic seawater re-circulation system.
From this strong background in livestock and life support systems,TMC has developed an extensive
portfolio of commercial equipment including complete, packaged filtration and UV systems, all designed
and manufactured by TMC.
Centre of Expertise
Tropical Marine Centre’s pioneering work on welfare and environmental issues, relating to the
collection and importation of marine fish, together with the Company’s partnerships with many
worldwide conservation organisations, has given it a world renowned reputation and established it as a
centre of excellence and technical expertise within the ornamental marine fish industry.
TMC works closely with 39 suppliers in 26 countries around the world to help ensure that the most
rigorous welfare and environmental standards are met. Everything possible is done to ensure that
livestock is net caught, and held near to the catching area in well-designed and carefully managed
holding facilities, often using filtration systems supplied by TMC.
Variety and Quality
TMC imports more than 1200 species of livestock, and up to 350 are
available for sale in the fish house at any one
time, offering customers an unsurpassed range
of quality livestock.
Although there are typically up to 18
shipments arriving at each of TMC’s facilities
each week, the expert fish house staff ensure
all livestock is carefully handled. Upon arrival,
the fish are unpacked under red light and gently acclimatised into TMC’s
holding systems supplied with Tropic Marin synthetic seawater.They are
then placed into individual aquariums, which are also supplied with the same high quality synthetic seawater
from one of the centralised re-circulation systems, and introduced to a variety of Gamma Frozen Foods.
By combining good filtration, stringent work disciplines and a structured feeding regime,TMC ensures
that the livestock attains peak condition whilst in its holding facility, and by the time the fish reach
TMC’s customers they are fully acclimatised, and readily adapt to their new aquarium environment.
Protein skimmers at
TMC Manchester Tel: +44 (0) 1923 284151
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