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TMC Re-Gas/Bio-Towers
TMC Re-Gas/Bio-Towers are versatile trickle towers
which have a variety of uses. Water enters the top of the
unit via a rotating spray bar and exits at the bottom
under gravity. Designed to be operated with the supplied
media un-immersed for maximum efficiency.
Biological Filter
. The high quality 1” TMC Bio-rings
included with this unit provide a high surface area for
nitrifying bacteria to grow, for the effective removal of
ammonia and nitrite.
. Water trickling from the top of the unit
via the included rotating spray bar will be re-oxygenated
by the air drawn into the column. Super-saturated gases
held in solution, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, will be
removed at the same time.
Evaporative CoolingTower.
As water trickles down
the tower, water temperature will be reduced by natural
Please note that the cooling effect will be at its highest in
low humidity atmospheres. In some cases it may be
necessary to
force air
through the
TBT 1000P
TBT 5200P
Bio-Tower (r)
TBT 5300P
Bio-Tower (l)
TBT 5200A/P 1260 255 50
TBT 5300A/P 1260 340 50
TBT 5500P 1710 560 100
TBT 800P 1220 860 150
TBT 1000P 1275 1165 150
All materials used in the production of TMC’s Re-gas/Bio-
towers are from virgin non toxic plastics. It is critical that
any products used in the construction of Re-gas/Bio-towers
are non toxic.Aside from the fact that they need to sustain
populations of aerobic bacteria, the high surface areas
associated with these filters means that there will be
significant leaching of any toxic substances should they be
present. Please refer to the pricing tables for materials of
construction of each of the units.
Technical Fact
Re-Gas/Bio-Towers at TMC Bristol