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TMC Hatchery
In 1994 Tropical Marine Centre established the first
commercial hatchery of its kind in Europe, based
entirely on a synthetic seawater re-circulation system.
This still remains the leading centre of excellence in
marine propagation, offering
customers a tank-raised and
disease-free alternative to a
number of popular wild caught
reef species. In 2006 it was the
first commercial hatchery in
theWorld to achieve MAC
Certified Culturist status.
The hatchery has been extremely successful in rearing large quantities of several species of clownfish and
various species of goby and has significantly reduced the Company’s reliance on natural fisheries for these
popular species of aquarium fish. By avoiding the use of antibiotics and chemical therapeutics, the aim is to
produce fish that are true to nature with regards to behaviour and colour.
Ensuring Sustainable Resources
Research work is also carried out in the hatchery on a much wider range of
more difficult species, including shrimps and seahorses, and much of this work
is made available to other research groups who have close links with TMC,
ensuring a better understanding of the biology and requirements of reef
animals in general.This knowledge will ultimately assist in the successful
management of the natural resource.
In partnership with a wide range of research organisations, conservation
groups and other NGOs around the world, including theWorld Conservation
Monitoring Centre and the Marine Aquarium Council,TMC actively promotes
the aim of a sustainable and environmentally responsible trade from a well
managed, fairly funded and properly understood natural resource.As part of
its support for the Marine Aquarium Council,TMC is contributing to the
Global Marine Aquarium Database (GMAD) collated byWCMC, which includes the establishing of a
database for industry and government on the trade in ornamental marine fish.
World Firsts
Over 40 species of marine fish and
invertebrates have been succesfully bred and
reared in TMC’s hatchery and the TMC
hatchery was the first centre in the world to
successfully breed commercial numbers of
fire shrimps
(Lysmata debelius)
, pipefishes
(Doryhamphus multiannulatus)
and cleaner
(Lysmata amboinensis)
Pioneering Aquatic Science
As a world leader in ornamental aquatics and marine fish culture,TMC recognises the importance of
supporting teaching and research in this rapidly developing field. In conjunction with several university
and government laboratories throughout the world, the TMC hatchery is looking at several key issues
facing the ornamental aquatic industry including coral propagation and disease control.
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