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37 Commercial Catalogue
Tel: +44 (0) 1923 284151
Code Grp Product
Max.Aquarium Size Pump Supplied
Approx Shipping
Dimensions (mm)
(h x l x w)
5221 VS V
Skim 400
400l/90 UK gal
Rio 2100
633 x 196 x 177
5222 VS V
Skim 600
600l/130 UK gal
Rio 2100
709 x 196 x 177
5223 VS V
Skim 800
800l/180 UK gal
Rio 2500
730 x 225 x 202
5224 VS V
Skim 1000
1000l/220 UK gal
Rio 2500
825 x 225 x 202
5225 VS V
Skim 1200
1200l/260 UK gal
Rio 3100
758 x 245 x 219
5226 VS V
Skim 1500
1500l/330 UK gal
Rio 3100
857 x 245 x 219
1502 EA Schuran Aquaflotor Jetskim 100
500l/110 UK gal
Not supplied
550 x 155 x 120
(Suggested pump: Eheim 1250)
1503 EA Schuran Aquaflotor Jetskim 120
600l/130 UK gal
Aquabee UP2000/1
520 x 185 x 150
1504 EA Schuran Aquaflotor Jetskim 150
1000l/220 UK gal
Aquabee UP2000/1
580 x 400 x 200
1505 EA Schuran Aquaflotor Jetskim 200
2000l/440 UK gal
Eheim 1260
720 x 400 x 200
1537 EA Schuran Aquaflotor Jetskim 250
4000l./880 UK gal Not supplied
1300 x 400 x 400
(Suggested pump: MPX10
submersible - order code 1597)
Skimmers forAquariumApplications
Skim Protein Skimmers
TMC’s own high performance, quality protein skimmer
incorporating a patented venturi injection system which
optimises the perfect mixture of micro fine air bubbles and
water and ensures intensive, efficient skimming and the
removal of proteins and other harmful toxins from the
aquarium. The V
Skim can be used either as an external
‘hang-on’ skimmer or internally in a sump or aquarium and
has a large tapered collection cup which improves foam
concentration and is easily removable for quick and
effortless cleaning.
All V
Skim Protein Skimmers are supplied with a V
Stop which filters any remaining micro bubbles from the
protein skimmer and prevents them from flowing into the
aquarium or sump.
The V
Bubble Stop can also be used to provide additional
post skimming filtration and the removable sponges mean it can be incorporated with other filtration
components and used to house other forms of filtration media, such as carbon, using aV
Filter Media
Bag (available separately). All skimmers are supplied complete with a high performance pump which
delivers the optimum flow rate that the venturi injection system requires.
Schuran Jetskim Protein Skimmers
Schuran’s Aquaflotor® Jetskim High Performance Skimmers offer superior
skimming performance due to their triple pass system which means that
water and air stay in contact longer, allowing more time for skimming.All
skimmers have venturi injector systems and as they are
made of acrylic they are strong and durable and can be used
safely with ozone. These skimmers can be used inside or
outside a filter sump.
Jetskim 100 & 150