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39 Commercial Catalogue
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Code Grp Product
Material Recommended Max Retail Max Pond Ozone Dimensions Inlet/Outlet Approx
Flow Rate
System Volume Requirement w x h (mm)
l/min m
/hr Volume (m
) (m
Wt (kg)
7998 FI 500mg Ozone Saturator Polyprop 33
2.0 5
800 x 1800 1
1 / 2
1 / 2
On applic.
7999 FI 1000mg Ozone Saturator Polyprop 33
2.0 10
800 x 1800 1
1 / 2
1 / 2
On applic.
Ozone Saturators
TMC Freshwater Ozone Saturator
Ozone has proved to be extremely beneficial in marine livestock holding facilities by controlling
pathogens through sterilisation, enhancing water clarity by breaking down organic molecules such as
phenols (yellow discolouration in the water) and aiding biological filtration by breaking down long-chain
molecules and making them readily available for nitrification.
The traditional method of injecting ozone has been
through the use of venturis on protein skimmers.
Very fine bubbles with a high surface area to volume
ratio can be produced in saltwater, which results in
an efficient transfer of the ozone into the water. In
freshwater, it is only possible to produce larger
bubbles which prevent the formation of a stable
TMC has produced a pressurised ozone saturator
to inject ozone into freshwater.While this still relies
on the initial injection of the ozone via a pump
driven venturi, the ozone is pressurised in the
reactor, resulting in a more efficient application.This
is achieved by having the air outlet for the unit
submerged below the water outlet level.As the
pressure in the unit increases, the water level is
forced downwards and excess gas is able to escape
only once it has had time to fully react with the
process water.This off-gas is lead through an ozone
destructor in the form of a carbon filter, reducing
local build-up of atmospheric ozone.
The unit is supplied with a flow meter, reaction
vessel, venturi, ozone generator, Etatron redox
controller, Zobells calibration fluid, 5m of Teflon tube
and carbon filter.
Recommended Accessories
• Argonaut AV50 supply pump
• Double union ball valve for bypass and flow
Depending on application, carbon will need to be
replaced. Please check off-gas on a regular basis.