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Recommended Accessories
Redox Controller
Used to monitor the redox potential (an indication of the ozone concentration) and regulate the
amount of ozone that is dosed into the reaction vessel (usually a protein skimmer). Ozone production
is ceased when the desired set point is reached.
Ozone Monitor
Used to monitor the atmospheric concentration of ozone, in the event of a leak.
Teflon Hose
Used to connect the ozone outlet of the generator to the injector of the protein skimmer.Teflon will
not be broken down by the strong oxidizing properties of ozone.
Ozone Industries Monitors and Controllers
Ozone is a highly reactive gas, which is often used in recirculating systems as an
extremely effective tool for controlling water quality. In some instances it is possible
for the ozone gas in air to build up to potentially harmful levels. It is therefore
advisable to regularly monitor atmospheric levels of ozone.An accurate way of
measuring atmospheric ozone is by using an
Ozone Monitor
.The monitor will display
the levels of atmospheric ozone in parts per million (ppm), with an audible alarm
alerting the user to ozone levels exceeding the occupational exposure limits.The
Ozone Controller
is designed to drive a remote alarm system, and can switch off the
source of ozone (i.e. ozone generator) via an integral relay (16 Amps @ 240V), if
levels exceed the acceptable limits of 0.1ppm (as recommended by UK Health &
Safety Executive).
These units need regular servicing including sensor replacement.
Ozone Monitor
The ozone generator must be installed above the water running
level of the protein skimmer in order to prevent water siphoning
back into the unit if there is a power interruption.
The ozone generator must be installed in a dry atmospheric
environment. High humidity levels will reduce the efficiency of
ozone production and may also lead to physical damage.
Code Grp Product
Measuring range AudibleWarning Control Relay Dimensions Approx Shipping
Weight (kg)
7287 FI Ozone Monitor
0 - 2
154 x 80 x 38
handheld battery
7288 FI Ozone Controller
0 - 2
290 x 110 x 75
(Mains operated) Tel: +44 (0) 1923 284151 Commercial Catalogue 42