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Professional UV Pond Clarifier
Suitable for ponds up to
16,000 imp gallons/72,000 litres
(dependent on stocking density and the
amount of sunlight the pond is subject to) with a
max flow rate of 8000 imp gallons/36,000 litres
per hour.
Using ultraviolet light, Pro Pond Advantage UV Clarifiers destroy the green, single-celled water borne
algae that make ponds murky and unattractive.
At the heart of each unit is an ultraviolet lamp sealed inside a quartz glass sleeve. As water is pumped
through the unit, ultraviolet light from the lamp will flocculate and destroy algae, leaving the water clear.
• Designed for large ponds,
incorporating pressure filters or
pressure circuits such as sand
filters & venturis
• New ergonomic, compact design
• New energy efficient, electronic
control gear
• Universal 2” and 63mm solvent
weld inlet and outlet ports
• Can be connected to either
flexible or rigid plumbing using the
appropriate plumbing fittings
(not supplied).To ensure
unrestricted flow, it is
recommended that the unit is
not plumbed in with anything less than 1
1 / 2
” pipework.
• Can be used for pressurised systems up to 3 bar (43.5psi)
• Individually chambered lamps for optimum efficiency and contact time
• Fused quartz glass sleeves which ensure that
germicidal lamps are able to reach their optimum
‘burn temperature’ where the highest amount of
UVc radiation is emitted. Also facilitates simple
lamp replacement by keeping lamp separate from
the pond water
• Easily wall mountable
• Supplied complete with a 5m cable and a 24
month guarantee
Code Grp Product
Max Flow Rate
Inlet/OutletSize Dimensions Approx Shipping
l/min m
l x w x h (mm) Weight (kg)
FA Pro PondAdvantage UV110 Pond Clarifier 600
36 Dual 2” &63mm 964 x 367 x 109
Pro Pond
Never look directly at an illuminated UV lamp