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Oolitic Sand & Gravel
• Available in five different particle sizes, including our specially
graded uniform particle size sand for fluidised sand bed
• Ideal as both a mechanical and a high surface area biological
filter media.
• Surface area >10 000m
• Natural aragonite.
TMC Bio-Rings
• 1" (210m
) and 1
1 / 2
" (130m
) Bio-Rings have excellent
flow-through characteristics, making them ideal for trickle
filter applications.
• Designed to give a large, accessible surface area which is easily
contacted by the water (usually falling downwards) and gas,
whilst avoiding clogging.
• Made from blue polypropylene.
• Positively buoyant.
Filtration Media
Important aspects to consider when choosing a filter media are: the surface area per unit volume,
water distribution and flow characteristics when passing through the media, non-blocking properties,
and a low weight per unit volume. For bio-filters the material from which the media is constructed
should also have a micro environment suitable for colonisation by nitrifying bacteria. Many types of
plastic media are made from PVC which could be toxic to fish, molluscs, crustaceans and certain
bacteria. Our media is made from non toxic, safe materials.
AFM Media
• Advanced Filtration Media
• Available in three different particle sizes depending on the
application’s requirements.
• AFM back-flushes with much less water than traditional sand.
• AFM media’s smooth surface makes it very difficult for bacteria to
(Normal filter sand has a rough microscopic surface, which is
the perfect environment to attract bacteria. Sand is also prone
to becoming coated in fats, lipids and other contaminants. Build
up of fats and bacteria can cause sand bed packing and
channelling.When this occurs, filtration efficiency effectively drops
to zero.)