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HR Carbon
HR Carbon is a highly retentive carbon which is the
result of several years’ development and testing in
freshwater and marine aquariums. It is made from
carefully selected grades of bituminous coal, ensuring
that a consistent quality is maintained.
• Recommended for the removal of organics and
other toxic substances which gradually build up in
marine and freshwater aquariums.
• Removes phenols and other organic compounds.
• Unlike many cheaper carbons, it does not add
• Creates crystal clear water allowing better light
penetration for maximum plant and coral growth.
Use approximately 1g/litre of system water. Change
approximately every 3 weeks depending on loading.
Before use, rinse carbon thoroughly in a fine net to
remove any dust created during transportation.
Filter Media Bags
These durable polyester filter bags are excellent for retaining carbon, zeolite and other chemical media.
They are perfect for placing in sumps, trickle filters, bag filters and pond filters etc. Bags feature
drawstring closing tops and are available in 250 micron mesh size.
Code Grp Product
5170 TC HR Carbon – 720ml Box
5171 TC HR Carbon – 20kg Sack
Code Grp Product
FR Media bag 6” x 10”
FR Media bag 8” x 12”
FR Media bag 12” x 15”
FR Media bag 12” x 18”