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Why ChooseTMC Commercial Products?
Tropical Marine Centre is more than just another commercial
filtration/aquaculture equipment re-seller. Most of the filtration
equipment found in this catalogue is designed and built by TMC
based on the Company’s experience of over 30 years as Europe’s
largest tropical marine livestock wholesaler and is modelled on the
tried and tested systems used at TMC’s state-of-the-art facilities.
Other products in the catalogue have been carefully selected and only
stocked when they meet our high standards of quality and reliability.
Applications include marine and freshwater fish hatcheries and
nurseries, research and development projects, shellfish depuration and
specialist aquatic displays.We are also able to design custom-built
systems and supply individual components for those just looking to
extend or upgrade an existing filtration system.
The Advantages of TMC Recirculating Systems
Recirculation systems are being more and more widely used in aquaculture
and research applications, due to the fact that they can produce good,
stable water parameters. Conventional flow-through systems are likely to
produce large fluctuations in water quality and temperature, as well as
being susceptible to disease and parasitic infections. High costs are also
incurred for pumping, filtration and for the heating/chilling of the raw
water. Re-use of the water generally means a low-head system, with better
control over temperature and organic loading. Stable water conditions
result in healthier livestock, lower mortalities and increased growth rates.
All TMC Recirculating Systems offer-
SomeTMC Installations
We have many satisfied customers – please ask for references!
Marine Aquaculture Centre,
St. Johns Island, Singapore
Filtration System for Marine
Harvest, Scotland
Compact Filtration System Melbicks
Garden Centre, England
• Solids removal
• Organics removal
• Ammonia removal
• Re-gassing/de-gassing
• UV Sterilisation
TMC Bristol Fish System
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