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Tropic Marin Synthetic Sea Salt
Tropic Marin first developed synthetic sea salt
back in 1965, and today this salt is a world
famous market leader.
Apart from being a favourite with millions of
hobbyists around the world it is also the salt
used in Tropical Marine Centre’s hatchery
where 100,000 healthy Clownfish are
successfully bred and raised each year. Tropic
Marin is also the preferred salt
of many of the world’s leading
institutes, hatcheries
and public
“The Deep”
in Hull.
• True to nature and manufactured from pure, pharmaceutical
grade ingredients.
• Contains all 70 trace elements found in natural sea water.
• Independently tested to show that it will introduce no harmful
by-products, nitrates or phosphates to the water -
• Added special hydrates ensure super solubility in tap water.
• 100% vapour proof packet ensures that no impurities from air
and other gases can be absorbed.
A selection of fish bred at TMC’s hatchery