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Poor skeletal growth Lack of calcium
Provides balanced levels
in hard corals
of calcium and alkalinity
Lack of magnesium
Offers a balanced supply
of magnesium
Lack of strontium
Provides biologically
available strontium
Algae problem
High phosphate
Highly effective granules
Poor growth of
which absorb and hold
hard corals
onto phosphate.
Elimi-Phos does not
promote bacterial growth,
unlike iron-based
Fish’s mucous
Poor water quality
Improves general water
membrane is damaged
quality and protects the
Water is turbid
mucous membrane of fish.
Protein skimmer does
Enhances protein skimming
not work properly
Low KH level <5 o dKH Buffer system is
Triple Buffer
Raises alkalinity, optimises
Low pH value <7
used up
pH& supplies trace elements
Poor growth while Lack of minerals
Re-Mineral Marine
Raises alkalinity and supplies
using RO water
minerals missing in reverse
osmosis water
Mineral demand
Lack of minerals
Pro-Special Mineral
Provides the missing
is not satisfied by
elements of salt water that
correct mineral mix
supply calcium by calcium
chloride/sodium bicarbonate
Poor coral growth Lack of nitrogen
Pro-Coral Organic
Stimulates growth of
nutrients & high
anthozoa by supplying
phosphate level
bio-available nitrogen
compounds which also
reduce phosphate levels
Trace element
Pro-Coral Mineral
Provides all trace elements
found in natural seawater
in a
powder form
Trace element
Pro-Coral K+
Supplies all essential
cationic trace elements
required in a
liquid form
Trace element
Pro-Coral A-
A complementary additive
to Pro Coral K +providing
anionic trace elements
with iodine as a
Iodine deficiency
Pro-Coral Iodine
Lugol’s solution for salt
water aquaria
Biologically available
Parasites and microbial Natural occurrence
Pro Coral Cure
Preventative dip treatment
diseases found in the or introduced by
for newly purchased
new corals
Acropora against parasitic
& microbial diseases. Can
also be applied to all corals
which are attacked by
Aiptasia anemones Natural occurrence
appearing in the
or introduced by
new corals
For reef tanks with hard corals Bio-Calcium and
Bio-Magnesium are essential.All calcareous animals,
especially corals, need calcium & magnesium to
grow and flourish. Bio-Strontium may also help
skeletal growth
The concentration of phosphate should be controlled
due to its role in undesired algae growth and because of
its negative effect on coral growth. If there is too much
phosphate, it attaches to aragonite in the calciferous
region of the hard corals and prevents further
calcification. Elimi-Phos is suitable for both salt and fresh
water applications
Mainly for fish only tanks and those with low coral
populations. Contains colloids for better skin, a protein
amplifier and a small selection of trace elements
A remedy for pH & alkalinity problems. Should not be
used too frequently
To be added when RO water is used to top up or replace
aquarium water lost through evaporation
Sodium chloride free sea salt. Some articles recommend this
for providing calcium and carbonates for the growth of
hard corals
Corals need special nutrients in a specific nitrogen-
phosphorus ratio to build up new cells in their tissue. In
many tanks, phosphorus is abundant whereas bio-
available nitrogen is low. Pro-Coral Organic helps to
adjust both levels to an optimum ratio which stimulates
the growth of anthozoa
These products are for aquariums containing corals.
The basic trace element demand for every day should
be satisfied by either Pro-Coral K + or A - Elements
(liquid) or by Pro-Coral Mineral (granules). With high
populations and some special corals such as Xenias, you
can also start to add Pro-Coral Iodine.With many hard
corals, Bio-Strontium could also be added. Care should
be taken as all of these additives can be overdosed.
Iodine prevents goitre as an important component of
the thyroid hormone and is also essential for the
hardening of the chitinous shell of crustaceans.A lack of
Iodine may cause bleaching of corals and the addition of
Pro-Coral Iodine improves the colouring of anthozoa
Parasites & microbial diseases can appear on new corals
stressed by transport and these parasites & diseases
spread quickly in the aquarium due to a lack of natural
enemies. As they are almost invisible to the naked eye,
these parasites & diseases are only perceived when the
damage to the aquarium has already been done. It is
therefore recommended to preventatively treat all
newly purchased Acropora corals with Pro Coral Cure.
Aiptasia Anemones are sometimes introduced into the
aquarium on live rock or newlypurchased corals. Corals
and other sessile inhabitants get stung and are killed by
these pest anemones.
Controls and removes
Aiptasia anemones from
the aquarium.
Elimi-Aiptas is
easily injected into the
base of any Aiptasia
anemone via the
included syringe.The
Aiptasia will then
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