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Salifert Freshwater Hobby Tests
This range of test kits has been completely re-designed and now has
more comprehensive instructions, better colour charts and new
reagents which produce more distinct colour changes, making them
even easier to use.
These test kits have been designed specifically for the hobbyist,
and can be used in all freshwater aquariums and ponds.They
offer professional quality, highly accurate and repeatable results
at an extremely competitive price.They give the hobbyist the
ability to accurately ascertain the requirements of his/her
aquarium or pond before using any treatments or
additives - vital for ensuring safe water treatment.
Salifert Profi Tests
Tropical Marine Centre is the exclusive UK distributor for the Salifert range of aquarium test kits
which are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments (unless otherwise stated).
These are some of the most precise and accurate test kits on the market and allow for accurate
dosing when additives are required.The test kits feature bold colour changes or good colour
comparison charts and offer economic testing of water parameters.