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73 Commercial Catalogue
Tel: +44 (0) 1923 284151
Frozen Foods
TMC supplies a market leading range of frozen food - The Gamma.We offer a
wide variety including bio-enriched brineshrimp. Blister packs are also available.
Gamma Foods
High Quality
Produced from only the highest quality ingredients, fish will
readily identify and respond to Gamma Food and will eat it
with all the vigour normally associated with live food.
Totally Natural
Made from 100% natural products and the wide variety
available ensures that individual species of fish receive a
balanced, varied and interesting diet.
100% Safe
All varieties are rapidly packed, sealed and quick frozen to maintain product quality. Our Gamma range
is also gamma ray irradiated to kill any pathogens present, which completely eliminates any risk of
introducing harmful parasites or bacteria into your aquarium, and also means that the food is
completely safe to store in a domestic freezer.
Gamma irradiation has been utilised for the control of bio-hazards in aquaculture. Current FAO/WHO
data gives the radiation Minimum Effective Dose (MED) for viral control of around 2kGy units, and
much lower for bacteria.TMC receives certificates for each irradiation, certifying our dose rate as
being between 5 – 12kGy.
Technical Fact
Larger bulk sizes are available - please ask for details. Retail trade discounts available on these items.
Code Grp Product (250g)
Gamma Slice Frozen Foods
8450 GL Mini Bloodworm
For marine, tropical, coldwater, cichlid & discus.
8451 GL Daphnia
For tropical, coldwater & cichlid
8452 GL
For marine, tropical, coldwater, cichlid & discus
8456 GL Mysis Shrimp
For marine, tropical & coldwater
8463 GL
Krill Pacifica
For marine, tropical & coldwater
8465 GL
Brineshrimp + Spirulina
For marine, tropical, coldwater, cichlid & discus
8466 GL
Brineshrimp + Omega-3
For marine, tropical, coldwater & cichlid
8468 GL
Brineshrimp + Garlic
For marine, tropical, coldwater & cichlid
8469 GL
Finely Chopped Prawn
For marine & cichlid
8470 GL
For marine
8471 GL Cyclops
For tropical, coldwater, cichlid & discus
8474 GL Whole Fish
For marine
8475 GL Whole Mussel
For marine
8476 GL Whole Cockle
For marine & cichlid
8477 GL
Krill Superba
For marine, tropical & coldwater
8478 GL
Brineshrimp +Aloe Vera
For marine, tropical, coldwater & cichlid
8479 GL Cockle in Shell
For marine & cichlid