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75 Commercial Catalogue
Tel: +44 (0) 1923 284151
PalletisedTanks & Reservoirs
All TMC reservoirs are made from white polyethylene, suitable for
saltwater and freshwater applications. They are non-corrosive and
non-toxic and can be used for seafood and hatchery applications.
All TMC reservoirs are palletised so that they can be easily
moved, stored and stacked. The Depuration Tank has a double
wall for extra insulation and four drainage ports so it can be
quickly and completely emptied. As used on the TMC Compact
System and TMC Systems 2,500 and 5,000. Additional reservoirs
can be added onto a system to help increase its capacity.
Code Grp Product
Material Dimensions Approx
l x w x h (mm) Shipping
Wt - mass (kg)
7934 FZ Pallet Reservoir Tank White
250 litres
7933 FZ Pallet Reservoir Tank White
680 litres
7929 FZ Pallet Tank Insulated White
630 litres
Other Products
SeachemAmmonia Alert
Ammonia Alert is an innovative in-tank water quality indicator
which continuously detects and monitors toxic free ammonia.
• Sensor changes colour depending on ammonia concentration.
• Sensitive to less than 0.02 mg/l of free ammonia to alert the
user to a potential problem before the livestock begins to
show signs of stress. Reliable, lasts for 12 months and suitable
for freshwater and marine use.
Code Grp Product
5112 TC Ammonia Alert