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77 Commercial Catalogue
Tel: +44 (0) 1923 284151
Marine Books
Tropical Marine Centre distributes
a range of quality marine books as
well as publishing its own
“Marine Fish Families Series”
of identification guides under
the TMC Publishing banner.
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Marine Fish Families Series fromTMC Publishing
5426 TJ
Seahorses, Pipefishes & Their Relatives
5429 TJ
Surgeonfishes, Rabbitfishes & Their Relatives
5436 TJ
Fairy & RainbowWrasses & Their Relatives
5439 TJ Butterflyfishes, Bannerfishes & Their Relatives
5440 TJ Angelfishes
5441 TJ Basslets, Hamlets & Their Relatives
5438 TJ TMC Publishing Marine Fish Families Box SetVol 1 (Contains: Seahorses, Surgeonfishes and Fairy &RainbowWrasses)
5442 TJ TMC Publishing Marine Fish Families Box SetVol 2 (Contains: Butterflyfishes,Angelfishes and Basslets)
Other Books
5400 TJ The Marine Aquarium Handbook
5405 TJ Breeding the Orchid Dottyback
5402 TJ The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium vol.1
5408 TJ The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium vol.2
5421 TJ The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium vol.3
5434 TJ The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium vol 4
5404 TJ Colorguide of Tropical Fish Diseases
5406 TJ
Shore Fishes of Hawai’i
5409 TJ Natural Reef Aquariums (soft cover)
5433 TJ Conscientious MarineAquarist (soft cover)
5414 TJ Clownfishes
5416 TJ Reef Fishes Vol 1
5397 TJ Reef FishesVol 2 - Basslets,Dottybacks &Hawkfishes
5399 TJ Reef Fishes Vol 3 - Angelfishes &Butterflyfishes
5411 TJ Nudibranchs and Sea Snails Guide
5412 TJ Mediterranean & Atlantic Fish Guide
5413 TJ Mediterranean & Atlantic Invert Guide
5415 TJ Red Sea Reef Guide
5417 TJ
Indian Ocean Reef Guide
5419 TJ Crustacea Guide of theWorld
5420 TJ
Fishwatchers Guide Bk 1
5422 TJ The New Marine Aquarium
5423 TJ A Pocket Expert Guide to Marine Fishes
5398 TJ A Pocket Expert Guide to Marine Invertebrates
5424 TJ The Guide to Angels and Butterflys
5425 TJ The Coral Sea Reef Guide
5427 TJ Cephalopods - AWorld Guide
5428 TJ
Sharks&Rays - ElasmobranchGuideof theWorld
5431 TJ Corals of theWorld (3 volume set)
5432 TJ Asia Pacific Reef Guide
5435 TJ
Fishes and Corals
5437 TJ Whales & Dolphins
5391 TJ Reef Secrets
5392 TJ Reef Life
5394 TJ Aquarium Corals
5396 TJ New Illustrated Guide to Fish Diseases
5490 TJ The Simple Guide to Marine Aquariums
5491 TJ Dr Burgess’s Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes
5492 TJ Dr Burgess’s Mini Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes
5493 TJ Reef Invertebrates-An Essential Guide to Selection, Care and Compatibility
5443 TJ Corals - Indopacific Field Guide
5495 TJ World Atlas of Marine Fishes