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TMC Launches AquaRed Flexi-Led

September 07, 2010


The newly-launched AquaRay AquaRed Flexi-LED from TMC is a flexible, self-adhesive lighting strip which can be fitted into an AquaRay MMS rail or fixed to almost any other surface.

It can be used for acclimation and colour enhancement (it picks out reds, oranges and pinks) and can also be used on its own as a "night viewing" light allowing you to view the nocturnal behaviour of the tank's inhabitants.

This 450mm long strip, incorporating red LEDs, is waterproof and low voltage and is suitable for marine and freshwater aquaria.

The AquaRed Flexi-LED is designed to be used as supplementary lighting in conjunction with other forms of lighting such as the AquaBeam 500, 600, 1000 and 1500 and retails for just £29.99.