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H2Fill&Go Nano 10 Liter Behaelter


TMC Aquahabitat Equip - Ersatzteile
H2Fill&Go Nano 10 Liter Behaelter
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Ideal for storing and transporting:-

  • Pre-mixed seawater for marine tanks
  • RO water for Cichlids, Discus,planted and marine tanks
  • “Shake & Make” water
  • Your own Tropic Marin seawater mix
  • Top-up or emergency water Refer to manufacturer’s instructions for quantity of salt required. Folded dimensions: 200mm (w) x 200mm (d) x 60mm (h) Filled dimensions : 225mm (w) x 225mm (d) x 270mm (h)
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    Non applicabile

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